Instant Backup

Instant Backup 1.4

Instant Backup 1.4: Instant Backup lets you backup your important data fast and easy. Instant Backup lets you backup your important data fast and easy from/to a Network, CD-RW, ZIP, JAZ or any other drive. It is designed in a way that gives you full control through customization and reports. The backed up files are stored separately, with the same hierarchy as in the source. You can specify filters for folders and file extensions to include/exclude. The built-in customizable scheduler can automate the backup and notify you by email

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backup discs to CD-R and CD-RW with this full-featured utility. Featuring: Basic and Expert modes. Restore from damaged backups, or even spanned backups with missing or damaged disks (directory disk is not needed). Stealth mode which automatically saves files as they are changed, keeping each version so that you can revert back to any previous version. Command-line parameters for scheduled unattended backups. "Instant Backup" by macro key. Does not

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Live Backup Now - Real-time Backup 5.0.0: Live Backup Now is a real-time and continuous file backup software for windows.
Live Backup Now - Real-time Backup 5.0.0

backup/replication targets (local disk, Network drive, removable media, NAS device),or backup to FTP in real-time. Key Features Real-time and Continuous backup in the background Perform full, real-time incremental, real-time mirror and CDP(continuous data protection) Flexibility in setting the data sources Backup to any media device Flexible filtering system ZIP compression and data encryption Restore data to original or any location Safe copy using

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Timely Backup 1.0.0: Timely Backup helps you to backup your data, projects, important files and so on
Timely Backup 1.0.0

Backup is easy-to-use backup software with nice user interface. Timely Backup helps you to backup your data, projects, important files and so on. It has several backup modes. For example, you can backup all files every time you backup, or you can choose to backup only files modified since last backup. Also, you can store all backups in one, single backup file (thus, old backups are replaced) or you can store each backup in its separate backup file

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Toby Backup 1.3.x

Backup is a General Purpose Backup Program which allows the user to create backups of the following types for all or a user-selected group of files: Full Backup, Differential Backup, Incremental Backup, and Files modified since a Date. The Backup Set created is controlled by a Backup Job, created by the User to control the Backup Type, Backup Medium, and Backup Destination. Backup Sets may be created on the following Media Types: Local Hard Drive

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X-Backup 2007.2.6.29: Powerful,versatile and easy to use backup and disk image software.
X-Backup 2007.2.6.29

backup to external USB hard disk, CD/DVD, FTP or HTTP server, from and to network drive. Through a modern interface you can quickly access to the Backup geography, the Backup timeline and the Backup report. The Backup geography gives you an instant view of your backup storage. The Backup timeline for monitoring the backup jobs done and next running scheduled tasks. The Backup report to get the status of each backup job. Options are limited to the

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Backup My Brain 1.0

backup 2. Teenage memories backup 3. Adult memories backup 4. Food preferences backup 5. Sexual preferences backup 6. Music preferences backup 7. Movie preferences backup 8. Reading preferences backup 9. Professional skills backup 10. Sex skills backup 11. Sport skills backup 12. Hobbies backup 13. Bad habits backup 14. Addictions backup 15. Love stories backup 16. Complexes backup 17. Phobias backup 18. Emotional type backup 19. Alternative identities

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